How to answer questions about Covid-19 testing.

Q: Do you provide Covid-19 testing?

A: Yes, are you having any cough, fever, shortness of breath? Anyone with cough gets a car side evaluation, otherwise speak with the provider.


Q: How long do the test results take to come back?

A: The lab we are using is taking about 6 days to report the result. Specimens are picked up Mon-Fri somewhere between 2 and 3 pm. Right now, there is a national backup on test results so please be patient as we have no control over the lab.


Q: Will you call us with the results?

A: When you have the test done, we will give you information on the lab’s patient portal to view your results when ready.


Q: What does the test cost?

A: First make sure we take their insurance. We bill your insurance for a visit with the provider and if you have a co-pay, we do collect it. The lab will bill your insurance for the test itself. If you are self-pay or we do not accept your insurance, the visit would be $96 and the lab will try to bill the Cares Act but this is up to the lab. In this case we will need the patient’s social security number on the lab form.


Q: Why isn’t my test result back yet?

A: The time line for results that we quoted on the day you were here is what the lab told us. We don’t have any control on a delay in the lab. We do apologize for the lab, and we will notify you as soon as we see the result.